Friday, October 15, 2010

At $1M a day, I-15 project is rolling

The massive Interstate 15 Corridor Expansion project under way in Utah County is now spending $1 million a day and has more than 1,200 people working on it. Todd Jensen, assistant project director, gave that update Thursday to the Utah Transportation Committee, and said the overhaul is on track for scheduled completion in 2012 — and perhaps a bit sooner because of good weather and hard work.

The project will build 55 bridges, rebuild or reconfigure 10 interchanges, add two lanes in each direction along 24 miles between Lehi and Spanish Fork and extend express lanes from Orem to Spanish Fork. Jensen said Provo River Constructors — which won the $1.1 billion contract — and its subcontractors have 875 workers on the project now, supported by 250 administrative staff. Salt Lake Tribune