Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fortune 500 companies eyeing north Utah County

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- A $20 million pipeline will secure a badly-needed culinary water source for northwest Utah County and has brought Fortune 500 companies into the area eyeing property for a new place to grow.

City and county officials alluded to a future economic boom at a Wednesday groundbreaking ceremony for the Saratoga Springs Pipeline Project funded by the Utah Water Conservancy District. "We've got everything from solar powered manufacturers to movie studios to heavy manufacturing that are all looking at this area and they are big companies that you would know. The only thing that is stopping them is water," said Utah County Commissioner Gary Anderson.

Whitaker Construction began construction on the $325 million Central Utah Water Conservancy District Water Development Project or CWP in mid-March, but planning and preparing for the project began six years ago. The west segment of the North Shore Aqueduct of CWP is called the Saratoga Springs Pipeline and will be completed in 2012.

Daily Herald