Monday, August 8, 2011

Local businesses already preparing for NSA data center near Lehi

Government agencies and businesses are preparing now for the National Security Agency's $1.93 billion intelligence data center's completion in March 2013 by hosting and attending workshops and creating programs to optimize relationships with the new neighbor.

The NSA just completed two full days of training for approximately 400 small Utah vendors.The NSA is looking for services in landscaping, construction, supercomputers, math, training materials, languages, encryption and much more. It will take some preparation for local companies to seek contracts to provide these services. For the last fiscal year, $440 million came in statewide from government contracts, of that $60 million were landed by Utah County businesses. The NSA center has the potential to raise that number dramatically. Holley said the project will require approximately 2,000 Utah-based employee contracts during construction. Daily Herald