Monday, March 5, 2012

Growth and improvement efforts aim to help Utah Lake make a comeback

A century ago Utah Lake was a destination spot dotted with leisure resorts, a jewel surrounded by mountains. But a series of unsavory events decade after decade turned the lake into something to stay away from.

But now, after decades of pushing people away, Utah Lake just might be staging a comeback. With a community like Saratoga Springs pushing for a lakefront lifestyle, it just may be that Utah Lake’s time has finally arrived.

Provo has a "Vision 2030" plan that is a community planning document looking forward another 18 years. The city is also in the process of creating a recreation master plan. The lake, in 2030, is likely to be ringed by even more residential and commercial development. Reclaimed beaches, better looking water and more sustainable fisheries could once again attract lakeside resort development. Deseret News