Monday, July 16, 2012

2GIG Technologies Earns Top Spot in Utah Valley's Top 50 Companies

Utah Valley Business Quarterly has named 2GIG Technologies, the Lehi, UT-based developer of security and home automation systems, number one of its top 50 fastest growing companies. This distinction is based on three-year growth of 1,426%. 2GIG (affectionately named for its origin of 2 Guys in a Garage) today has 65 employees, $131 million in revenue, and installations in more than 700,000 homes (projected by the end of 2012).

The company was founded by two industry veterans, Lance Dean and Scott Simon, who had an existing relationship with Vivint and many other security companies. Vivint and others said that if 2GIG builds a home security/home automation control platform (the Go! Control), they "would buy a ton of them."

2GIG's focus is entirely customer centric, adding color touch screen, cellular connectivity, lights, thermostats, cameras, and other home automation capabilities to basic security. Now, the rest of the industry is playing catch up. As evidence, 2GIG just won the top award for the second consecutive year at the Electronic Security Expo, this time for the Go! 2.0, the next generation panel that is its follow-up to the wide-selling Go! Control. MarketWatch