Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Construction crews work on 18-mile pipeline to deliver water from under old steel mill

Construction crews are working on the last seven miles of an 18-mile pipeline that will carry water from aquifers under an old steel mill near Utah Lake to growing communities.

The 60-inch pipe is scheduled to begin delivering water in July 2014 as part of a $450 million project to capture the water under the old Geneva Steel property near Vineyard.

The water will be sold to the municipalities of Vineyard, Lehi, Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain and to the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, which serves growth areas in the southwestern part of the Salt Lake Valley.

Several aquifers lie beneath the surface of much of the northern Utah Valley, extending deep beneath Utah Lake. The Geneva mill drew water from those aquifers, using an estimated 50,000 acre-feet of water each year.

No federal funds were involved with the project, which means homeowners who receive water from the municipalities will pay for it. The project is expected to be entirely paid off by 2035. The Republic