Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Park City Visitors Center open for business

The Park City Chamber/Visitors Bureau is putting the word out, the new Visitors Center will host an Open House for its members and the community Thursday, Oct. 4. The event will be the first opportunity for locals to see the $1.3 million space set up and running.

Following more than a year of construction, the 4,000-square-foot center will be decked in its new kiosks and touch screens, its coffee bar and gift shop, all with one goal in mind: get heads on beds. The Visitors Center will serve as a starting point for incoming guests, whether it was a planned stop or not, with the intent to get tourists to spend more in the community, bolstering local businesses.

"We believe strongly in the fact that the people who go to the center will do two things," said PCCVB Executive Director and CEO Bill Malone. "They will stay longer and spend more money. We like both of those."

The Visitors Center was paid for using bonds from lodging taxes through Summit County. Over the next 20 years, the PCCVB will lease the space from Summit County. After the 20 years, the nonprofit will own the space.

The PCCVB will be walking a fine line as their operations expand with the opening of the new Visitors Center, being sure to stay focused on their mission statement to promote local businesses. Some services such as selling maps and potentially hosting events may be considered, but weighed against the intent of the PCCVB and not siphoning dollars away from other businesses. Park Record