Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Summit Pushes the ‘On’ Button for Digital Media

Every day, we are surrounded by electronic images, data and sounds. When you pick up your smart phone, turn on the TV or play a video game, you are using digital media. The continued growth and expansion in Utah’s digital media industry is a vital to the state’s economic future.

As part of this growing industry, leading game designers, mobile app developers, digital animators, business executives, entrepreneurs, students, and private investors will come together at the PushButton Digital Media Summit 2012 to shape Utah’s digital footprint.

Now in its third year, the PushButton Summit will be held on November 28-29 at the Rialto Studios at Jordan Commons in Sandy, Utah.

The summit is centered on encouraging new ideas and building relationships inside and outside the industry. “PushButton brings together the creative innovators of the latest technology driving the future of the digital media industry,” said T. Craig Bott President and CEO of Grow Utah Ventures. “It’s all about discovering what is happening when creativity and technology intersect.”

This premier digital media event will focus on expanding the digital media industry in Utah and shine the spotlight on local companies, organizations and educational institutions.

Steven Roy, associate vice president of economic development at Utah Valley University and USTAR regional technology outreach director said, “The PushButton Summit is a celebration of the past, present and potential future of the digital media industry in the state of Utah.”

A 2011 report on Utah’s Digital Media industry showed digital media accounts for 1,500 jobs and $415 million in revenue for the state. Forty-one percent of these jobs are in the video gaming sector. Based on this study, a strategic plan was developed to increase the number of jobs to 3000 by the year 2016, and raise the direct revenue to Utah’s economy to $800 million.

The summit will facilitate a global forum for industry experts, innovators, and technologists. Last year’s summit had over 500 attendees and organizers are hoping for just as a large of a turnout at this year’s event.
“This year will focus more heavily on showcasing Utah’s digital media superstar companies and the educational connections with the industry,” Roy said. “We are heavily targeting students, faculty, and industry professionals.”

Digital media is part of the information technology and software cluster focus for the Governors Office of Economic Development (GOED). GOED serves as a catalyst to align necessary resources and policies that contributes to successful economic clusters and is a sponsor of Push Button Summit, along with Grow Utah Ventures and Zions Bank, USTAR, Epic Games, EDC Utah and Utah System of Higher Education. Utah Policy