Friday, June 11, 2010

UVU approves plans to expand 100 acres in new development

Utah Valley University announced expansion plans on Thursday after acquiring 100 acres at the south end of the former Geneva Steel site, which is being developed into a mixed-use community in Vineyard.

The UVU Board of Trustees approved the 100-acre purchase, valued at $20 million, with Geneva's developer who plans to donate half of the value to UVU.

"Utah Valley University is still growing to meet the higher education needs of Utah residents," said Val Peterson, UVU vice president of administration and legislative affairs, in a press release. "We are excited at the prospect of expanding our campus into Geneva. Surroundings are important to learning, and we anticipate a beautiful setting for our students, faculty and staff surrounded by a vibrant community."

The 1,700 acre mixed-use development, which has space for residential, retail, office and industrial tenants on the eastern shore of Utah Lake, is located on land previously occupied by Geneva Steel. The Deseret News