Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Utah impact of Novell sale to Attachmate still to play out

Attachmate Corp. CEO Jeff Hawn said Monday he likely will be visiting the Provo office of Novell next week as part of planned acquisition of the company that got its start in Utah. But Hawn said plans for the Utah office haven’t been formulated, and he could not yet say what the $2.2 billion deal will mean for the Provo office. That facility is Novell’s biggest with about 1,380 employees.

When the acquisition closes, likely early next year, Novell will be split into two parts: an SUSE unit that is based on the Linux operating system and Novell, which offers products to manage businesses’ computers systems, including identity management and security. Hawn said the Provo office would be part of the Novell unit but said details like who will run that portion of the company and where it will be headquartered have yet to be worked out. Salt Lake Tribune